I am an Electronics Designer who started my electronics experience testing missile systems in the Air Force in 1989; then, 1997 I helped design and modify medical equipment at NASA Space Center Houston for the International Space Station and Shuttle missions for over 4 years. Now, I have been developing & troubleshooting electronics for oil & gas drilling systems in Houston since 2001. I have been involved in the development of Measurement While Drilling systems (MWD), Drift While Drilling systems (DWD), and Directional Drilling systems. At NASA, I operated & maintained a walk-in environmental chamber configuring temperature/humidity profiles and logging various data using LabView. I have setup long term test rigs using mechanical movements to find MTBF. I have also set-up and monitored electronics under test in mud flow loops at Louisiana State University, Baker Hughes, MWDSI, and Ryan Energy. I have also set up and monitored electronics for days at a time at several live drilling rigs as well as at GTI Catoosa Test Facility. I have 132 college hours that include Technical Writing, Physics and Calculus for engineering. I have the strong problem-solving ability and the experience to improve the success of your operation through the design, testing, and production phases.